Welcome to the Legends pages! Introducing well-known and not-so-well-known Northwest Legends. Starting with Camille “Rosy” Stein, we’ll feature a different legend each month. Beginning in January 2015, we’ll also feature our reader’s recommendations of folks from any airline on the Northwest Family Tree who are deserving of “Legend” status. Please send us your recommendations.

Camille "Rosy" Stein

Camille “Rosy” Stein

Captain Joe Kimm


Donald W. Nyrop

Charles “Speed” Holman feature coming soon. Photos of Rosy Stein, Joe Kimm, Donald Nyrop and Charles Holman courtesy of NWA History Centre


The amazing Robert “Bob” Reardon (shown here in a Stratocruiser galley with Bonnie Murray) coming soon. Photo courtesy of Anne Billingsley Kerr