The Render Family

Ralph, Mary Helen and Ray Render started the Northwest Airlines Render family tradition:


May, 1946. Northwest Airlines publicity photo. L-R: Ray, Mary Helen and Ralph Render

Ray and his brother Ralph learned to fly in Bloomington, Illinois in the late 1930s and were both NWA first officers in 1942, checking out as captains in May 1943. Their sister, Mary Helen, became a Northwest stewardess in October, 1945, after working as an RN at the Northwest Airlines Bomber Modification Center at Holman Field:

Scanned Image 143240007


Ray and Ralph and their families – 1950. Children, L-R: Tom, Susan, Mike, Connie. Pilots, L-R: Ralph, Ray. Their stewardess wives, standing: L-R: Mary, Campbell Render and Frances Macagno Render

The Render Northwest Airlines tradition ultimately spans multiple generations:  Ray and Ralph both married stewardesses, Ray to Frances Macagno and Ralph to Mary Lenore Campbell. Ralph’s daughter Susan was a NWA F/A. His son Tom, a retired NW/DL captain, and his wife Jane, a retired Northwest flight attendant, have a daughter Alexis, also a flight attendant for NWA and now Delta. Mary Helen Render has two daughters, Rita and Renee, both flight attendants for American and NW/DL respectively. All photos courtesy of Mike Render Cagley and Karen Render Carver. Photos of Susan, Jane and Alexis not available at time of posting.

Scanned Image 143240004

Renee Uram, NWA/DL:  Mary Helen’s daughter, in red coat.

Scanned Image 143240002

Rita Uram, American Airlines: Mary Helen’s daughter.

Ray and Frances’ children, Mike and Connie, did not follow aviation careers.  Sadly, Captain Ray Render lost his life on a check flight in a Martin 202  on October 13, 1950 when Mike was only 5 years old.  See December, 2013 issue of Reflections for more about Northwest’s Martin 202 saga.  Frances was devastated by the loss of her husband Ray and eventually married George Cagley, who adopted both Mike and Connie.


Mike Render Cagley and daughter Karen Render Carver, with the family photo album and scrapbook Karen designed.