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Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 7: Return to Earth

From my Concorde journal June 26, 1988 approaching New York City: “Dropping fast . . . now at 52,000 ft. at Mach 1:38. Outside temperature -67 degrees celsius. “At 10:07 New York time we have 90 miles to go. Now at 14,000 ft., Mach 0.67. Made a visit to the lavatory to freshen up before […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 6:What 60,000 ft. looks like from the Flight Deck

Concorde Flight Deck, Flight 9091, June 26, 1988 What we must have looked like! “Altitude: 57,600 ft. Filling out U.S. Customs forms. Only 760 miles to go to New York.” The Captain invited us up to the flight deck to say hello. They were very cordial but pretty busy and pretty cramped. Didn’t have nearly […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 5: Fine Dining at Twice the Speed of Sound

After the appetizer and salad courses, our dinner tray arrived. Dressed with five pieces of silverware and a Concorde linen napkin, each tray had an individual china butter dish and salt and pepper shakers, and was decorated with a fresh carnation with a pin, should we elect to wear it. We did. The dinnerware was […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 4: The “Being Hurled” Part

Digital readout at Mach 2:00-twice the speed of sound There is a large digital display on the bulkhead facing the cabin giving us readouts of Mach, altitude and outside temperature. We are presently at .96 Mach, 28,000 ft. and outside temperature of minus 39 degrees celsius, as we are being served champagne and hors d’oeuvres. […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Episode 1: Concorde Flight 9091, June 26, 1988, London to New York

From the Flight Deck: “Our flight time today, London to New York, will be 3 hours, 17 minutes. We’ll be flying at an altitude of 58,000 ft. (almost 12 miles high). We’ll be taking off on runway 9-R at full power with the afterburners on. Shortly after the takeoff roll afterburners off. We will fly […]