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The "Art" of Skywriting

The “Art” of Skywriting

On May 14, 1915, aviator Lincoln Beachey, the official stunt flyer at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, died after crashing into the bay. “Art” Smith (who was racing his “Baby Cars” at the fair) was hired to take Beachey’s place and flew stunts in his own airplane for spectators for the duration of […]

Robert Reardon Website

Received a nice note from Richard Lee asking if I would put Robert Reardon’s Facebook page on my website. You bet I will, Richard. I was happy to set the story straight as to when Bob’s Facebook profile photo was taken.  It was taken by me nearly 60 years ago, on a Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser […]

Welcome to Lady Skywriter’s Newly Expanded and Improved Website

These things don’t happen overnight!  The ideas have been brewing for a couple of years, the actual work has been progressing for the past 3-1/2 months. When this website and blog appeared in 2008, Northwest Airlines was still alive and kicking. There were signals of impending changes, but the red tail still graced the skies. […]

Tonight's The Night! NWA History Centre on Public Television

Tonight’s The Night! NWA History Centre on Public Television

Norm Midthun and Red Sutter being filmed for “Lost Twin Cities 4” A reminder…. Lost Twin Cities 4 will premiere tonight, Wednesday, August 13th at 8:00 pm on tpt Channel 2. It will feature a segment about NWA in the 1950’s – the “luxurious” days of flying,  and how it transitioned into the jet-age of the l960’s and early 1970’s.  It will be a […]

Lost Twin Cities 4 Preview

1954 United Convair Promo Film – A wonderful slice of Mid-Fifties Culture

Bob DuBert sent the following email: “Posted on YouTube earlier this week is “The Sky is For Everyone”, a beautifully produced promo film by United for the Convair 340. Lady Skywriter notes: Set aside a half hour to watch this wonderful snapshot of the 1950s on full screen. See what passengers wore on the airplane: […]

D-Day Pilot Dick Brown Remembers . . .

D-Day Pilot Dick Brown Remembers . . .

l-r Dick Brown and Joe Farrell with their Martin B-26 Marauder bomberPhoto courtesy Richard Brown June 6, 1944, retired Northwest Airlines Captain Dick Brown participated in the D-Day invasion, a significant turning point for Allied forces in WW II. Today, 70 years later, his memory of that day is crystal clear. “We knew something was […]

Behind the Scenes with TPT (Ch 2) at NWA History Centre April, 2014

Behind the Scenes with TPT (Ch 2) at NWA History Centre April, 2014

Later this summer, Ch 2 will take a look at another “lost” Twin Cities gem:  Northwest Airlines Wayne Snyder, NWAHC BOD with Elaine Mielke, volunteer, at NWA Museum door Lost Twin Cities IV Assistant Producer Leya Hale taking a “selfie.” TV production equipment everywhere Leya “powdering” retired NWA F/A Fay Kulenkamp and sound engineer Eric […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 3: Boarding The Airplane

Loathe to leave the sumptuous Concorde Lounge at Heathrow, but eager to board the Concorde itself, we entered through a jetway that bore absolutely no resemblance to any jetway we’d seen before. This one was large, with windows, and plush carpeting underfoot. We found ourselves ushered into a small, but very elegant airplane cabin; its […]

Hurled through Time and Space: Episode 2: Concorde Lounge – Heathrow Airport – London – 1988

The Concorde experience begins long before takeoff, in the special lounge for Concorde passengers at Heathrow Airport, London. Very spacious, and with conversation groups of overstuffed furniture and marble-topped tables, the focal point of the lounge was a buffet about 12 ft long along one wall. The buffet was laden with fruit juices in crystal […]