Thank you Airliners International ATL 2015, and Roger Jarman, Atlantic Models, for this stunning DC-4!

Let’s be clear, here.  One has to be old to remember working on DC-4s and B-377 Stratocruisers.  And to have photos and mementos from those days to share with others.  For a story about my flying days on a DC-4 please click on “Meet Anne” above, and under that, “Memoir Excerpts.”  There you’ll find A […]

We're diverting to Shemya?* Over Christmas?

We’re diverting to Shemya?* Over Christmas?

I guess that’s not so bad . . . .  Shemya’s closer to Santa!  What and Where is Shemya, you ask? Shemya is a frozen, windswept, barren rock of an island, four miles long by two miles wide – near the end of the Aleutian chain and located 1,461 miles southwest of Anchorage between the […]