Reunited with Old flying buddies at 2015 RNPA Holiday Lunch


L-R: Kathy Atkinson, Pat Allen Tennyson, Pat Elliott Olson, Anne Billingsley Kerr

I capitalized “old” because we all date back to the 1950s; worked on the B-377 Stratocruisers and had to resign when we got married. What fun to see Pat (Allen) Tennyson, NWA 1959-60; Pat Elliott Olson NWA 1956-59 and Kathy Atkinson (married to NWA pilot Neal Atkinson). Anne flew from 1956-60. We share another bond as well. Since we had to resign when we got married, but still wanted to hang out with each other, we founded an organization called NESA (Northwest Ex-Stewardess Association.) We met monthly, raised money for charitable organizations and kept going strong until the rules changed and there were no more “ex” stewardesses and then no more “stewardesses.” As you can see, we still endure and still enjoy each other’s company. There were 198 retired pilots and F/As with significant others at The Chart House for this gala event. And I learned that it pays to be the “eldest” at the table. I won the centerpiece!


Anne, Pat T., Pat O. at our table.

Pat Elliott Olson reminded me that she was working on my first training flight (DC-4 to MDW) in 1956 and she remembered that we went out to lunch with some mechanics at MDW. What a memory!

It is indeed a tribute to RNPA that nearly 200 people attended this wonderful get-together, thanks to their volunteers who chaired the event.  Food was delicious, decorations festive and the company couldn’t be improved upon.  Get a room jam-packed with “Red Tails” and look out!  Laughter was bouncing off the walls, dear old friends reuniting and catching up with one-another.

A wonderful beginning to the Holidays!

(So sorry I didn’t get a photo of Gail Diercks, Carol Hall and Linda Peck, who accompanied me to this fun event.  All former NWA F/As, we are all also volunteers at the NWA History Centre Museum and enjoyed the day and each other’s company.)



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