Terrific Day at Minnesota Blogger Conference Nov. 14

Look who’s sitting at a table in the front row, second from left:


Twin Cities public relations operative Arik Hanson speaks to a jam-packed room at the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in St. Paul on Saturday, Nov. 14. Hanson spoke about seven new trends in blogging. (Pioneer Press: Julio Ojeda-Zapata)

Happy to share the 7 Trends we learned about:


The Minnesota Blogger Conference, now in its 6th year, is a full-day educational conference for professional and hobbyist bloggers. Keynote speakers, featured guests and panelists elevate the local blogging community by sharing industry news, best practices and networking opportunities.  With a capacity of only 300 participants, the 2015 conference was sold out weeks ago. Thankfully, a larger venue has been reserved for 2016 so more can be accommodated.  I missed out last year because I didn’t know about it in time.  So I placed myself on their email list and reserved my space for this year as soon as reservations opened up.


As promised, networking abounded. Enjoyed meeting and trading contact info with Pamela Kendall Court and many others.

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  1. It was delightful meeting you!!

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