Minnesota T-6 Thunder in Jan. 2016 Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine


Lady Skywriter with Scott Romuld, T-6 Thunder pilot at “Girls in Aviation” day at St. Paul downtown airport 9/26/15

Today I received the January, 2016 issue of Air & Space Smithsonian magazine.  The cover story is “The Best-Built Airplane That Ever Was: The worldwide cult of the T-6.” Read more: http://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/best-airplane-that-ever-was-t6-texan-180957294/#vzewUl1VZDVUI7zx.99


Photo: Lyle Jansma, Air & Space Smithsonian magazine

What fun is is to read this story, AND to see a beautiful color shot of a couple of T-6 Thunder airplanes flying over Lake Minnetonka blazing with fall colors.

I actually have ridden in a T-6.  It was many years ago.  Yes, it was noisy.  And lots of fun!

There are more fascinating articles in this issue, as usual.  One is the personal account of Emmett “Cyclone” Davis, a fighter pilot at Pearl Harbor and another, the first 100 years of Boeing, manufacturer of my favorite airliner, the B-377 Stratocruiser.

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