Chicagoland Airline Collectible Show Nov. 7, 2015

It was a great day, today.  Met many folks who still keep Northwest Airlines in their hearts!



Anne is ready to go!                                                                              Photo by Chris Bidlack



Collector dressed in vintage PanAm uniform



Lots of Collectors – Lots of action – Good day



George Klooknee seems happy with his purchase!



With Ken Clark and Joan Lee



Chris Bidlack’s Jet Art


Had dinner with Diane and Jim O’Connor. Jim is a former NWA manager and Diane a retired F/A with Ozark. Diane attended Zell McConnell airline school in MSP. We laughed a lot!

These shows are becoming habit forming.  I’m seriously considering Michigan next April at historic Willow Run Airport!  Haven’t been back there for about 50 years.  Not to mention the possibility of seeing Detroit area airline friends at the show! And seeing Chris Bidlack’s poster (below) featuring my beloved NWA stratocruiser at Willow Run many many years ago was an effective teaser too.

Detroit Show 2016 Flyer 3.3??????









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