Chris Bidlack turns his attention to propellers for a change!

The MSP Airline Collectible Show and Sale was proud to host the launch of widely anticipated new airline and airport art by artist Chris Bidlack.  Self proclaimed “head honcho” of  Jet Age Art, he sells original Art Print posters celebrating the classic aircraft, airlines and airports of the 50s and 60s.  His new designs feature MSP Airport, the North Central Convair 580 and the Northwest Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser.

Lady Skywriter is the happy owner of three of the new posters, including her favorite NWA Stratocruiser in two designs, one with its history and route maps and one with the iconic 1950s stairs pushed up to the aircraft.  If you weren’t fortunate enough to be at the MSP Show and Sale, Chris assures me these new works will very soon be available for purchase at  Until then, feast your eyes on the following photographs:


Artist Chris Bidlack unveiled new airline/airport art at the MSP Airline Collectible Show and Sale Oct. 10 2015. Photo courtesy Chris Bidlack

IMG_4528-001 (Medium)

Chris Bidlack with his new Northwest Boeing Stratocruiser poster. Photo courtesy Robert DuBert


SW Capt. Don Falenczykowski with Anne (Lady Skywriter) Kerr. Don’s dad Caz was a NWA Stratocruiser captain and Anne was a Stratocruiser stewardess on her favorite airplane. Photo courtesy Chris Bidlack


David DeBace, NWAHC volunteer and retired NOR/REP/NWA. Dave’s dad was a North Central pilot who flew the North Central Convair 580. Photo courtesy Chris Bidlack


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