Recommended Read: The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

“Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them!”  Orville Wright


We all think we know the story of the Wright brothers.  I know I did.  But as only he can, David McCullough in his own inimitable style, weaves history and facts into this engrossing read about the founders of flight.  You will be caught up in this tale of Orville and Wilbur; two focused, very hard-working brothers who never took their eyes off the ultimate goal.  They worked nearly 24/6, for years, only taking Sundays off for church and family.  With the unqualified support of their unmarried sister and preacher father, they quietly toiled until finally, in the face of fierce world-wide competition, they demonstrated one successful flight after another to claim the prize themselves.

One of the surprising little-known facts that I discovered in McCullough’s book reveals that the Wright brothers seem to have been the inspiration for a Paris designer, Paul Poiret, to take the world by storm in 1908 with the hobble skirt, definitely a mixed-blessing for women.

Scanned Image 151850000

Edith Berg at LeMans with Wilbur as she was about to become the first American woman to fly in an airplane. Note the rope tied around her voluminous skirts to prevent them flying up and obstructing their vision. Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, Library of Congress


Scanned Image 151850001

Wilbur and sister Katherine sported the same rope around her skirts. Courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University

Please read this book.  You will thoroughly enjoy it.  It would be interesting to read your comments about it, too.  Hope to hear from you!

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