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Today's Cabin Attendant Woes

Today’s Cabin Attendant Woes

Provenance Unknown Steven Slater brought it to the forefront with a spectacular stunt. But we’ve all known for a long time that the once envied and perceived glamorous job of cabin attendants has fallen in esteem – both self and otherwise. Joe Sharkey of the New York Times has written eloquently about the situation in […]

D.B. Cooper? . . . Again?

D.B. Cooper? . . . Again?

Police sketch of D.B. Cooper/Getty Images The legend lives on … In 1971 a man known as Dan Cooper, later misidentified as D.B. Cooper, successfully hijacked NWA Flight 305, a Boeing 727 bound from Portland to Seattle, and parachuted out of the jet into the wilderness of Southwest Washington with $200,000 in cash. In the […]

When Steven Slater “Pulled the Chute” he became the instant idol of Flight Attendants – Past and Present

Didn’t we all have fantasies about what we would do on our last trip? I remember a pilot saying his fantasy was to emerge from the flight deck wearing a parachute and walk the length of the cabin! Wish I remembered his name. Back in the day (50 years ago) most passengers were very well […]


Northwest Airlines B-377 Stratocruiser offers passengers live organ music aboard Ship 709 in 1959. Just received this U-Tube gem from Alan Ashton of the U.K. He profiles famous organists on his website Gram-R-Fone. Just click on Make a Selection on the home page, then click on the Leonard Leigh profile. Listen to the music and […]

Who Is This Young Lady?

Who Is This Young Lady?

Photo courtesy of Don Falenczykowski A rose between two thorns you say? Please help identify the young woman between Cas Falenczykowski and Ed La Parle, Northwest Airlines pilots. While you are at it, can you tell me what airplane is in the background? What airport they are at? How about a year? Questions, questions, questions. […]