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“Not Big Brother,” NTSB says

The hapless duo piloting NWA Flight 188 last fall . . . you remember, the flight that overshot MSP by 100 miles, can’t seem to catch a break. Now the NTSB says it wants to monitor all cockpit conversation on all flights, citing this event as one of the reasons. The pilots union is fighting […]

Scanned to the Skin

KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul – Full-body scanners coming to MSP Y’know, I’m not so worried about how each individual feels about being “scanned” to the “skin.” I’m more worried about the TSA people who have to look at each and every body. YUK! I think they should get hazard pay! Yesterday I […]


No, this has nothing to do with airlines, past or present. It started this morning. After my usual coffee stop, I ran into the credit union next door to hit the ATM for $60 cash. When the receipt came out, it showed a balance of $200 + change in my checking account. I haven’t had […]

I love an airline with a sense of humor!

Since Northwest Airlines has disappeared, I’m casting about for a new one to adopt. Kulula has my vote! Note: Double-click on each photo to enlarge. This is Kulula, a domestic airline in South Africa. Don’t you love the “big cheese” and the “loo?” Check out their company website for more fun. Note: Be sure […]


Well, it is over. The last regularly scheduled NWA flight, No. 2470, departed Los Angeles International Airport for Las Vegas at 8:45 p.m. Saturday. At 3 A.M Sunday, Northwest’s web site began redirecting customers to Delta. Check out some interesting NWA milestones attached. For 84 years, it was a great ride!