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Glen Stubee, Star Tribune Company According to Suzanne Ziegler, writing in the Saturday, January 30, 2010 Minneapolis Star Tribune, opening the new “Delta North” headquarters is one of the “final steps toward completing the “Deltafication” of Northwest after the Atlanta-based airline purchased Northwest in October 2008.” “Deltification.” Hmmmm. Bill Lentsch, Delta Air Lines senior vice […]

Commemorating ‘Sully’s’ Extraordinary Feat, One Year Later Captain Sully Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 have been catapulted into national fame. They have become living legends. Neither pilot flies much anymore, now mostly flying desks, instead. What a shame. We need them “upstairs.”

Illegal You Say? Sounds like fun to me!

What we need around here is a slightly looney idea for a sunny winter day. Take our minds off mega-airlines and banks, for instance! So a couple of Minnesota fellows complied with our wish. Hans Meyer, of Burnsville, and his buddy Mike Doherty, of LeSueur, Minn., wanted to go flying yesterday and were captivated by […]

It’s in the Bag. . . the profit, that is!

We read today that Delta, the biggest airline in the world, has again hitched up the fees for checked luggage. Well folks, it is our own fault. If we were willing to pay more for our tickets, there would be no need for fees. The irony is, however, that once imposed, additional fees rarely go […]

Museum lives on to remember NWA | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

Museum lives on to remember NWA | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

It’s Over. Northwest Airlines is no more

A bittersweet New Year dawns as Northwest Airlines is fully absorbed into Delta Air Lines effective today. The FAA has determined that Delta has fully complied with all conditions it placed on the acquisition and issued a “single operating certificate” effective January 1, 2010. A few terse lines from Investors Business Daily tell the story. […]