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Laptop Oblivion

I’ve been there. No, not on a flight deck working on my laptop while 149 souls are cluelessly confident that I am flying the airplane. But I’ve experienced what total absorption in a computer screen can do. It can cause a flood in your kitchen, that spreads down the hall to your bedroom and renders […]

An Airline by any other name . . .

I wasn’t going to comment on the most viral story since last week’s home-made weather balloon, and yet I find myself propelled (no pun intended) to my computer to add just one more comment to the noise. Isn’t it interesting, that in virtually every account, the errant pilots are identified as Northwest Pilots, and the […]

“What are you running, an airline or a whorehouse?”

United Airlines The title of this blog is what Representative Martha Griffiths said in a 1964 Congressional hearing, after airline executives testified that it was imperative for businessmen that attractive women light their cigars and fix drinks. I came across this gem in Amy Bloom’s review of Gail Collins’ new book “When Everything Changed,” in […]

“Airport” Filming at MSP in 1969 turned many NWA employees into movie “extras!”

This week the NWA History Centre in Minneapolis was host to a private screening of the movie “Airport,” filmed in 1969 and released in 1970-1971. The audience included several retired Northwest Airlines employees who performed as “extras” or were present during filming at MSP airport, as well as history buffs and guests. Among the guests […]