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Remembering Don Huseth, Intrepid Flight Instructor, and the day of my first solo . . .

I learned to fly in a Cessna 150 My intrepid flight instructor, Don Huseth, passed away September 25, 2009. He was 87. I’m sure I singlehandedly aged him by at least 20 years during the time he taught me how to fly. It was during the 1970’s. I was a single mother, working full time, […]

MN Aviation Hall of Fame Writer’s Award – 2009

I received pretty exciting news last week. The Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame has selected Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels, Recalling a time when passenger flight was an adventure and the Boeing Stratocruiser ruled the skies, for their 2009 aviation writers award. The awards ceremony will take place in April, 2010. (When you click on […]

TSA, Airline Crew Members & Undies – A Tale Shared by a Lady Skywriter reader

“My Own Personal Undies (capital letters furnished by the writer) were scrutinized, CSI-style, by gloved hands. They were held high for all to see by a 7-foot-tall TSA person, over the heads of every single passenger I would later see on my flight. Apparently I was overheard saying to my husband, very quietly I thought, […]

From the Sublime . . .(Concorde) . . . to the ridiculous . . . (Seat Back Pockets!)

Oh yes. Just when you thought your comfort and convenience had been compromised to the max . . . . Now, passengers are being admonished “not to put any personal belongings in the seat back pockets.” Your bottle of water? No! Your book or newspaper while you (such as it is) eat? No! Your cough […]

Hurled Through Time and Space: Concorde Episode 7: Return to Earth

From my Concorde journal June 26, 1988 approaching New York City: “Dropping fast . . . now at 52,000 ft. at Mach 1:38. Outside temperature -67 degrees celsius. “At 10:07 New York time we have 90 miles to go. Now at 14,000 ft., Mach 0.67. Made a visit to the lavatory to freshen up before […]