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“21st-century gracious”

Oh, boy!  Here I  am, trying to preserve stories about gracious passenger flight on Northwest Airlines in the 1950s for posterity, and now Delta informs me that “21st-century gracious” is the new brand identity for THE BIGGEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD. Was it a sleeper cell in the Northwest DNA that infected Delta – once the […]

Fujiyama Trays

The Fujiyama Tray as recreated by Lady Skywriter Yes, there are Kokeshi Dolls on the tray as there were fifty years ago, but they are hard to see in this photo.  The pineapple in the center is studded with cheeses, meat cubes, olives and baby cherry tomatoes. Assorted fresh fruits, more cheeses, meats, veggies and […]

Holding Pattern

Yup – that is where my blog has been these past few weeks.  In a holding pattern while I deal with the insistent, persistent and multiple details of publishing.  I’ve been thinking about those of you who loyally check in periodically to see what Lady Skywriter has to say. And I hope you haven’t yet […]