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U.S. Justice Department Approves Delta Takeover of Northwest Airlines

Well, it happened.  We were pretty sure it would.  It happened much faster and more quietly than I would have imagined, though.  The word was that it would happen before Thanksgiving.  It happened before Halloween.  No person or group (including Congress) stepped up to protest.  The law suit against Delta quietly went away. So now […]

1957 Air Fares

At a talk I gave yesterday at the Minnetonka Community Center, one participant asked about air fares in the 1950s.  Most particularly, the difference in fare between first class and coach. Remember now, there were no “class” divisions on aircraft back then. There were only two classes, first class and coach, and the whole airplane […]

Another Walk Around Lake Harriet Is Called For

As I confessed a couple of weeks ago, whenever I have weighty issues on my mind the simple act of walking around Lake Harriet seems to bring things into perspective.  Or at the very least bring calm.  I’m heading over there right now. This week’s list: *Will the Tampa Bay Rays, armed with their coterie […]

I Sat In A Stratocruiser Seat Today!

Yes, it is true!  When I arrived at the NWA History Centre this afternoon Mary Fryer said, “Wait ’til you see what we got today!   “What, what?” I responded as she dragged me into the back room and pointed at the airplane seats resting against the wall. “Someone brought us these Stratocruiser seats,” she […]

This was the week that was . . .

I suspect that many of you who remember the Stratocruiser also remember the weekly TV show of the ’60s that lends its name to my blog today. Or maybe it was the ’70s?  For some reason the decades are blurring – especially those thirty-plus years thence.   Now don’t knock my syntax.  If you’re going […]