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Memories of an old friend

Sadness overtook me today when I learned of the passing of my friend Bonnie (Murray) Vork. Bonnie was my cohort in the Cleopatra eyes makup caper memorialized in my post of August 22, 2008. I learned of her cancer only a month ago. We had lost touch over time. When I started writing Fujiyama Trays […]

Taking Refuge in Cleopatra’s Eyes

A headache. That’s what today’s continuing airline saga has become. Its all about mergers, bankruptcies, fees, surcharges and passenger angst. I am finding relief these days in dredging up 50-year-old airline memories and committing them to paper er, laptop for my upcoming book Fujiyama Trays and Oshibori Towels – Stratocruiser stories and airline yarns from […]

Not Writing a Book

Oh the distractions! The Summer Olympics. The Minnesota Twins pennant race with the Chicago White Sox. Beautiful weather. Other author’s books waiting on the ‘hold shelf’ at the library while I work my way through the stack by my chair at home. Working. And next week? The Tennis US Open and the Minnesota State Fair. […]


Yes folks, our esteemed politicians are hard at work on the critical issues of the day. Especially in the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee. HANG-UP is the “Halting Airplane Noise to Give Us Peace” Act. It was given preliminary approval earlier this month and is now on its way to a vote in the full House. […]

Oh pul-leez, American Airlines. “Co-payments?”

Maybe American Airlines thinks its customers won’t notice the new fees if it calls them co-payments. Maybe they think they can hitch a ride on our terminally ill health care system where most of us are already making co-payments up the wazoo. Hmmm. The terminally ill air transport system merging with the terminally ill health […]

Pillow Talk

JetBlue Airways announced yesterday it plans to sell pillows and blankets to passengers. For only $7.00. And you can take them with you, which raises a question. I’m sure you’ll be allowed to bring your previously purchased pillow and blanket on another JetBlue flight, but what if you took them on another airline? Would they […]