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Meanwhile, back at the airline debacle . . .a call to action!

Use up your frequent flyer miles ASAP! As of Aug 15 Delta will add a $25 fuel surcharge for frequent flyer tickets booked for trips within the U.S. and $50 on tickets booked for travel “elsewhere.” Delta says it is also coming up with a “new multilayered award program” in the next 60 days. Look […]

LOOK! Up in the Sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

NO! It’s a Mixed Plane! I figure we need a little reprieve from the dire, more dire and exceedingly dire news of today’s airline industry and its impending implosion. So I dug in my mixed bag of airline trivia looking for a less ominous distraction; considered and rejected the mixed message and the mixed drink […]

Airline Forecast: Less air . . . and more lines

George Carlin died yesterday. I loved his hippy-dippy weatherman routine. “Tonight’s forecast . . . dark, continued mostly dark tonight, followed by scattered light in the morning.” Also yesterday an intrepid group of 28 passengers filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the proposed merger between NWA and Delta would result in “higher ticket prices and […]

The Flying Evangelist

The internet is a marvelous thing . . . but today is the glorious first day of summer in Minnesota and calls me to the porch, so my post today will be brief. One thing truly does lead to another when one is involved in a research project as I happen to be. In my […]

Nearer my God to thee . . .

While doing some research for my upcoming book at the NWA History Centre recently I came across this item in the May-June 1959 issue of the Northwest Airlines News: “Religious Group Holds Services in StratocruiserMilwaukee – Church services of the Milwaukee Evangelistic Temple were held April 5 in a chartered Northwest Orient Airlines telephone-equipped Boeing […]

Nickled & Dimed

We knew it was only a matter of time. US Airways announced yesterday it will begin charging $2 for nonalcoholic beverages on its domestic coach flights beginning July 9. Will other carriers follow suit? The dilemma for passengers here is that they can only BYOB if they bought it at an airport store beyond security. […]

Airlines are in the toilet in more ways than one

Oh the indignity of it all. We are now faced with wimpy water closets! Tim McGraw, Northwest’s director of corporate environmental and safety programs says the airline is putting 25% less water for bathroom faucets and toilets on its international flights. Water weighs 8.3 pounds a gallon and a gallon of jet fuel weights 6.8 […]

Memo to Airline CEO’s: Have you counted the paper clips?

Donald Nyrop did. Donald Nyrop became the youngest president of a U. S. Airline in October, 1954, when he took the reins of Northwest Airlines at the tender age of 42. Early on, his department heads became aware that cost control and precision in budgeting were the name of the game for Nyrop. He needed […]

A long ride . . .a long high ride . . . .

Having heard in the last couple of days that British Airways will be tacking a $400+ fuel surcharge to its “long haul” flights, this 1930’s poster advertising a Long Ride for $2.50 and a Long High Ride for $5.00 makes graphically clear that we’ve come a long way, baby! Other airline news in the past […]