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Something Occurred to me

“How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?” – Robert Frost Eliminated on domestic coach flights:magazines and newspapersmeals, supplanted by the infamous $3.00 box lunchpillows and blanketspilot wings for kids Extra charge:aisle seatssecond checked bagSoon American Airlines plans to charge $15 for your first checked bag Surcharges:FuelAirport Security Casting about […]


If memory serves, June was usually the worst month for turbulence on the “vomit comet,” an unpressurized, non-air conditioned DC-4 carefully wending its way through (not over) the mountains on its way to Seattle from MSP, testing the mettle of the 50 souls aboard. Likewise, June 2008 is shaping up to test the mettle of […]

Figuratively speaking . . .

With your indulgence I stray today from “all things airplane” and turn instead to travel related news by the numbers. The numbers I refer to here are numbers of dollars that blow my mind. 1. Oil this morning is at $129/barrel on its way to $130. $4.00/gallon cannot be far away. Look for airline fuel […]

Queue Tips

There are six security checkpoints at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport. Beginning today, one of them will test a new program designed to move those lines along smartly. Passengers will be able to self select a security lane: expert travelers, casual travelers and families. Hmmm. Since they’re leaving it up to us, I’m thinking I’d just […]

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold, pilots. Does this familiar old quote hold true for stewardesses as well?

I know some old and bold ones. Back in the days of automatic termination for marriage and/or reaching the ripe old age of 32 . . . organizations were formed so that former stewardesses could escape dishes and diapers once a month and regale one another with tales of the good old days. One such […]

Back to the Future

Dragging myself out of the stratocruiser (last post) and back to the future . . . where the little old airline on the prairie is morphing itself into THE BIGGEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD. What’s up with the merger, you ask? Both NWA and Delta are publicly pretty quiet right now. Are they deciding it’s […]

One ringy dingy . . . two ringy dingy . . .

With apologies to Lilly Tomlin, Miss Billingsley, aka Lady Skywriter circa 1958, is shown receiving a call from the flight deck, most likely an inquiry as to today’s menu, and/or a beverage order. She is pictured in the lead flight attendant seat on the stratocruiser, located just forward of the galley in the tail section […]

NWA History Centre

With the famous red tail destined to disappear over the horizon later this year many of us find ourselves awash in nostalgia. Here’s a great place to get a “fix” for all things Northwest Airlines. Check out the NWA History Centre in Bloomington, MN near the airport. ( for hours and directions.) Pictured above are […]