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Remembering Chuck Doyle

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune obituary section bears the news that Chuck Doyle of Apple Valley is dead at 91, complete notice to follow.Where to start! I first met Chuck when he was a captain and I was a stewardess for Northwest Airlines some time in 1956. Soon he became unforgettable to me when he brought […]


Hennepin County has lifted the block on Lady Skywriter. (See Spied On! blog of April 19,2008.) A librarian suggested that the white gloves I’m wearing in the old photo on the masthead must have softened the “spymaster’s” heart. In any case you may now freely peruse this website right out in the open at your […]

The Triage Twins go to Washington

Hmmmmm. Lets see if I’ve got this right. An airline (Delta) that lost 6 billion dollars last quarter wants to buy an airline (NWA) that lost 4 billion dollars last quarter. This does give new meaning to the phrase economy of scale.Well I guess that does work; economy of scale being one of the benefits […]

Spied on!

Media coverage of the NWA/Delta merger is waning some. It will remain in the news for months, of course, but probably not dominate the front page of the Strib or be the lead story on radio and TV every single day like last week. No worries. I’ll keep you posted right here. But today, I […]

Earth Shaking Developments – or – whose “fault” is it, anyway?

What a morning! Things started shakin’ in the wee hours with an earthquake in Illinois, of all places, that was felt in Chicago, Milwaukee and as far west as Des Moines, Iowa. Next, on my early rounds I discover that unleaded gas has surged to $3.45.9/gal. It now costs what was a whole week’s stewardess […]

World Perks? Any perks?

Is it prophetic or pathetic that Lady Skywriter joins the World Wide Web the same week that NWA and Delta announce their plan to merge and create THE WORLD’S BIGGEST AIRLINE? Called Delta??? Unlike theirs, my merger with the web does not require justice department approval, nor will it please wall street or hedge fund […]

Notes from Lady Skywriter

I have no delusions that there is anybody out there intentionally reading this blog yet. Perhaps you stumbled on Lady Skywriter by accident, and rediscovered friendly skies. Remember those? The days when two adults could pass one another in the aisle of an airliner without touching? Days when virtually all seating was two abreast? When […]